Friday, October 10, 2008


Damn exams are over. Now I can finally start playing like mad. I've been watching this Taiwan Drama called "Hot Shot" or "篮球火".

Starring Show Luo, Jerry Yan, Wu Chun, it tells a story about.... well... it's kinda long anyway, but it involves people playing basketball, and loads of cool basketball moves which looks kinda fake. Anyway, i would still recommend you all to watch it because:

For the girls, this stars 3 hunks which would make you wanna scream out loud....

And for the guys.... well, there are girls in the play that makes you.........

Wanna scream too. Haha. Just kiddin. But there's one who is really gorgeous.

The actress in blue. She stars in the series as the coach of the basketball team. Her background in the drama is a person who was an NBA Consultant nicknamed "W". She's damn pro in analyzing the player's abilities and potential. Damn I want a coach like her. That way we can all play the sport better. Haha. Check her blog out to get a better view, guys. I got the link from Wikipedia.

I bet some of you are gonna call me pervert or something, but hey, what will your reaction be when you see a human Edward Cullen or Rosalie Hale standing in front of you? I'm not saying that the actress is, though. But you get the point.

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