Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Did I Ever Do In My Past Life?

There is a new meaning and definition of the word "Holidays". Holidays are days where you mug and mug your asses off without going to school. Holidays are also known as "home schooling" sessions where you face your greatest enemies and fears. No, they're not monsters under your bed or dark wizards carrying wands, and they're not people carrying Ak-47 and RPGs.

This new breed of enemies, that is even more dangerous than the Al-Qaeda, is something labelled as "O' Level Additional Mathematics", "O-Level Physics", basically everything to do with "O-Levels" and "Sec 3". Mrs Tan once encouraged us to stay away from video games as she claimed that some of them would lead to "violent thoughts and behaviours of teens". Well, if her theory is CORRECT, why is it that I feel like banging my head against the wall everytime I stare at my AMath Textbook? Why do I feel like throwing all my homework out of the dang window, or even better still, burn them and laugh while they are reduced to nothing but ashes.

My conclusion? Homework is something more deadly than violent video games. Why? Look at it this way:

When you do your darn homework, you get frustrated.

When you get frustrated, anger builds up inside you.

When anger builds up inside you, you tend to go beserk and crazy.

When you go berserk and crazy, you would want to release or vent your anger.

When you want to release all the rage inside you, you tend to play violent video games, as you know, when you shoot all your darn enemies in the head or blow them up into pieces with your claymores and grenades, you imagine that the enemies are your teachers and it feels good to take revenge because of all the darn work they gave you.

When you play violent video games, this in turn leads to violent behaviours and thoughts.

And so the cycle repeats itself. Homework is the origin of all these behaviour, in my opinion. That's why most of the most brilliant minds on earth are so-called "bonkers".

Well, I guess at the end of the day, as much as I want to throw away my homework, I still have to face it because that's the only thing that's gonna get me a piece of paper called a "degree" which in turn gets me a "J-O-B". Mundane stuff, but hey we all gotta eat.

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