Friday, September 19, 2008

Random Stuff

Today I opened my Amath Textbook and found out that everytime I look at a question I feel damn frustrated and tired. I'm honestly sick and tired of lessons. There are teachers who are rushing to complete the syllabus before the final years come. So alot of lessons are like mass-absorbing sessions which seriously kills your brain cell. Firstly, Mrs Tan has been literally shoving math formulas in our head, Mr Chen shoving Chem topics, Relief teachers shoving Bio topics and lots of shoving involved. I realised that I don't even have the mood to sit down and do my revision anymore. I hope I really don't burnout. If I really did, it would be big freaking trouble for me. I'm even skeptical about praying. That's how darn messed up I feel right now.

Anyway, let's set this topic aside. I went breaking with Selva and Matthias today. It was a depressing day for me. Though I can do the Nike now, my toprock and uprock sucks totally and big time. If I continued like that I will get my butt owned at any battle. Practise with music. That's what I'm going to do after exams. I wanna at least survive the battle without me pausing to think of what crap I should do next. At least I learnt something crucial about break-dancing. I also managed to learn the Forearm Nike today and I'm currently practising CC's to Baby Freeze. Breakdancing is really a damn fun thing but damn tiring thing to do, but I'm not gonna give up.

The next post is about a story which I'm going to write based on the song "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" by The Script. Please don't flame me if it stinks.

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