Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Breaking The Ice

Well, this is my first blog post after a long long hiatus. Throughout my absence I just did not feel like a need to blog. I had nothing in mind to write, because of my really screwed up results. My results dropped by a freaking 6%. This is going to be hard to accept. To add on to my misery, my holidays are gone too. Teachers left a huge pile of homework to us, and I will be away next week to Phuket and for LLTC on the last week of school holidays. I hardly have time to finish my homework. All these things are stockpiling endlessly in my mental warehouse. I think I'm going to explode soon if I don't finish them. To add on to my troubles further, I have ZERO motivation to study. I just want to disappear from the world for awhile. No. not suicide or anything, but I'm going to cut off all forms of communications and technology I have. This will make me un-contactable and make me disappear.

I really don't know why I would want to do this but something inside me wants to. The feeling of switching off your handphone for a span of days or weeks is great. You may think I'm crazy but that's what I feel. So, I'm going to start my hermit-type lifestyle tomorrow. I'm seriously becoming weirder as the years go by. But before I break all forms of communications and technology, I just want to write about a trip to Guangzhou, China from Saturday to Tuesday.

The trip was part of my mom's company outing to a place called QingYuan. You guys wouldn't know it anyway, but just know that the place we went is an hour's drive from Guangzhou. The highlight of the trip that on Saturday was the White Water Rapids. Based on some freaking high mountain in China, we were supposed to sit of some raft and endure 2km of rapids. Two persons to one boat. It was pretty exciting but tiring at the same time because the screaming's tiring. It was freaking exciting. After that we went back to the resort. The good thing is that it has loads of hot spring pools. The most unique one was the one with fishes in it. It's said they're supposed to clean the dead skin off your feet, and it was really ticklish. I won't go into details. Went back to Guangzhou on sunday.

As my mom has to go back to office on monday as she's really busy. Well, I'm not suprised as she's the DGM of the company. I went shopping in town with her collegue and his wife. They're both 30+ and they're really cool people. My mom's collegue loves gaming and collecting toys and his wife loves it too. So, we went to the wholesale centres in Guangzhou (Air Conditioned) and bought loads of things. I bought a necklace for mom, some cool bumper stickers for my dad.

But most of all, I bought a set of Dragonball GT figurines for S$9. The price of them in Singapore would be like.... S$30+ dollars. I bought some pirated PC games. Only 2 of them works. I bought 5 of them. One of them is Resident Evil 4. It's a really scary game. I stopped playing it because I felt that the tension is killing me and the character moves really slowly in the game. The other was Musou Orochi. Really fun game for those who enjoys Dynasty Warriors.

But, the best thing I've bought in Guangzhou is....

Okay, the picture wasn't taken by me but you can roughly know what it is. Stealth Bumblebee. Really cool because in the Stealth Version Bumblebee has his helmet or visor or whatsoever down, it makes him look really aggressive. Furthermore, I haven't really seen this back in Singapore so I decided to buy it. I wanted to buy the Die-Cast Version of Ironhide but haha, I have my budget constraints. It was really worth it. That really summarises my trip as I don't want to write those cliched reflections again. So... this ends my post and just want to tell you that I won't be posting for a long long time I guess. Ciao!

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