Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Out of Ideas

I'm out of ideas for a blog title, and I'm out of ideas for a blog entry now. Lately my life has come to a complete standstill, partly because of the fact that i finished my examinations. No more 5-hour sleeps. No more panda-eyes. No more last minute memorizing of facts. No more feeling pressurized. Because it's all over for now. Despite my relieve that exams are over, I actually feel quite empty inside. A wee bit lonely perhaps. During the exams, I'm kept busy everyday with books and studies. After exams I have no idea what to do to kill time. I didn't go out with my friends as most of them are going to LAN shops and I'm not the person who's really interested in playing LAN games such as DOTA or Counterstrike. I'm afraid that I outgrew it already. Sigh... one less source of entertainment for me.

I've also noticed that the busy life during exams made me oblivious to my surroundings. There're many beautfiful things happening to me everyday. I just fail to notice it. Simple things like how my dad wakes up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for me, how my mom despite her busy schedule still ironed my clothes because I had to study. I had no time to appreciate it. All my time were spent on thinking about how Singapore managed healthcare, whether the source is reliable or not, how to differentiate between a vein and an artery. Sigh... Students in sec 3 lead a life like programmed robots. Daily lives are so routine, the only entertainment we get in school are from de-stressing by making fun of teachers. Although it's mean but sometimes crude humour can really work. Apologies to the teachers....

Anyway, since I'm bored at home, I had to resort to watching taiwanese idol dramas to kill time. I must say that these shows are simply without any meaning or anything. Get a bunch of handsome/pretty people, ask them to say things like "Jiayou" or "I love you, but we can't be together" and all those cheesy and corny lines and VIOLA! You have a typical taiwanese drama. I'm not criticizing or flaming them, but I see them as a source of entertainment. I watched both the japanese and taiwanese version of the manga "Hana Kimi" today. Both of them are pretty lame but they're quite funny, and the girl in the japanese version looks really cute. Started watching this Korean drama called "The Legend". The visual effects are stunning. I'll definately finish the series.

After all the drama watching, I came to a conclusion that living life like this is completely boring. I need to add some more flavour into it. Thus, I've decided to stay away from drama, and go exercising at 7:30 in the morning, go to the library and read books while drinking a cup of vanilla milkshake, go to church, then go mother's day shopping.

Speaking of Mother's day, I hope all of you ungrateful wretches out there prepared something for your mom. Haha. Joking joking. Meant no offense. Haha.. It's the first time I've ever thought of buying my mom something and writing her a letter. My essay writing skills not bad leh.... Haha. Happy Advanced Mother's Day to all mothers out there. Oh yeah... Wish me luck for my exam results too! Ciao!

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