Saturday, June 14, 2008

Came back on a..... A319

No I did not fly on a G5. It was a small Airbus A319. It was quite cramped inside but heck, it's a one hour plus flight. I must say Phuket is still a nice place, especially our resort. I must say my parents did make the right decision by becoming a Laguna Holiday Club Member. Quite expensive but worth it. Our suite is like, three-storeys tall with a balcony and chairs on the roof. It overlooks a lagoon where you can take its shuttle boat to the beach. I got myself a temporary tattoo there and it does not wear off in two weeks. So this means that Mr Sirhan is going to kill me when school reopens because the design of the tattoo makes me look like a gangster, or at least I think it makes me look like one. However, the most memorable experience in Phuket was quite a surprise for me.

See, on that day, we went for the Safari tours which is a 5-hour half day program. Upon reaching the place. I was waiting for the jeep to come, and I saw that in my group there was this really chio British girl I think. I could hear from her accent. Even my parents could tell. It's difficult to "imagine" things when you see that for more than 5 times. The sad thing is that I didn't approach her, if not I could have made one new friend. I'll leave the fact that you guys think she's chio or not by putting pictures of her later on, but she really looks better in real life. I've missed my shot, and I don't think it's ever gonna come back. However, no regrets, no learning. Next time I'll try to be more friendly with people and not only with those I know. Full details of my trip with pictures is on the next post. So Stay Tuned?

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