Friday, January 18, 2008

Super Good Day!

I know all of you have been waiting for an update, so here it is. Today is a super super good day for me and loads of good stuff happened in the week, and I'll tell you one by one.

Firstly, I got 13/15 for my first chemistry assignments and 21/25 for the second. I was really happy man... My chem teacher, Mr Chen Ling Kwong, the teacher-in-charge of fencing in SJI, is a good teacher. However, he's kind of weird as he thinks that our class is the best class or a good class. Therefore, he has really high expectations of us and expects us to do well in everything. He teaches really fast. Wayyyy too fast. Therefore I was elated to find out that I didn't do badly for my chemistry.

Secondly, I GOT ELECTED AS CLASS CHAIRMAN! Haha. Now I'm a permanent chairman of class 335 or 3G2-2. I was elated as I know what it's like to have a sucker, slacker, backstabber with no class spirit person for a chairman (Don't worry Akira I'm "not" referring to you). Therefore let this be an opportunity for me to show that I can actually lead the class well and let 3G2-2 be one of the best class ever.

Thridly, I GOT ACCEPTED BY SPH TO BECOME A SCHOOL REPORTER! I just got the notification letter today. It was damn SHIOK la... I am now working for SPH as one of their reporters. However, this means that I have even LESS time to play and blog.... But I think it's worth it. Went to Jack's Place to celebrate... Their steaks ROCK! Mike you should eat more of them. Then you can GROW MORE horizontally.

Fourthly, the presentation that Me, Peter, Timothy and Myles made in front of the WHOLE Sec 2 was FANTASTIC! I think I got the hang of public speaking, and I'm on my way to improve! I actually could convince one of my juniors to go... So this means that I have done quite a fair job. He was pestering me man... He said "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. The IJTP girls hot or not?" LOLZ. I will not tell you guys my answer, in case some IJTP girls actually read this. Haha.

Lastly, today's training was DAMN FUN! I went all out and tried my best to play well and tackle. Though I made mistakes and have injuries all over my body, I was happy that I've made some improvements. Try your best. It will bring you good.

I've had lots of problems in the beginning of Sec 3, like Physics, Math and stuff. These problems almost made me feel like giving up or actually dropping a subject. However, the events this week made me realise that my sec 3 life is like the weather. No matter how rainy or cloudy it is, there will still be a time where you can see a clear blue sky and sunny weather. The events which happened this week made me feel that all my efforts and determination were worth it. Let's hope that things will continue to get better and even if it got worse, I can still overcome it with an optimistic attitude. As you battle through the thunderstorms, you will eventually triumph over them and see your own piece of blue sky. Well, that's all.


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