Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Whenever my parents used to scold me about my results or when I make a mistake in the past, I tell them "This is unfair. No one scolds you when you make a mistake". They always replied with "I will tend to scold myself". I once thought this was ridiculous. Why would I scold myself?

Now I finally understand what it feels like. I would rather they scold me instead now. Every day, every second of my life I'm reminded of the harsh fact that I failed. Every second my mind goes "You failed, you failed, you failed". My pride is crushed and trampled upon. The way everyone looks at me changes significantly. I guess this is the real world huh. Harsh and in-your-face kinda thing.

It's definitely a hard slap in the face. Time to wake up, dull my pride, sharpen my willpower and persevere. You've been in this situation before.

Fall, and get back up stronger than before. Watch me, fear me and finally, be crushed by me.

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