Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I still can't think of a title

Hi Blog. My holidays are screwed. True that I have been revising some stuff, but holiday homework? Ha.Ha.Ha. Undone. But I'm not too worried about that. July will be a busy month, with my Terms and Guitar Exam and all. Blogging becomes a privilege in JC, or maybe I'm just too lazy to write.

I used to love writing, to be honest I always liked writing. However, why do I feel that writing has become a chore now? In fact, memory-related subjects feel like a chore now. Even my dear Chinese Literature. True, I suck at it. No doubt I have been failing more than I pass ever since I took on that subject. I have 1 year to build my foundation. Those who took that subject in secondary school, which means the other 4 of my classmates, had 4. Yes it is difficult, but yet I loved it. Now, thinking about it pushes me further away from my texts. This is worrying. Really. Come on Jerry, face your problems head-on. You have expectations to fufill.

Guess I'll just do my best now, which is pathetic because there will be regret again. Regret. Sighz...

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