Friday, February 26, 2010

Please Take A Second Look

I noticed I tend to behave oddly around girls, especially when I'm around my classmates and OG mates. I'll share some of these things here.

1. I tend to crack jokes. Alot. Unnecessary ones. ALOT of unnecessary jokes.

2. I tend to suan them alot.

3. This is the most weird. I will start saying nonsensical stuff to myself.

4, I will tend to whine a little too. WHINE. Can you believe it?

As a result of these 4 behaviours, I have OG mates who thinks every sentence that comes out of my mouth is an insult. And i may become a serious pain in the ass sometimes. If I saw me, I would dislike me.

I do that because sometimes I just don't know how to react in front of girls. Then I will do this auto-switch into my "Stupid and Annoying mode". It's not really my true self la... I am not that mean. And I don't mean 99% of the stuff I say.

It's a flaw, but it does not truly reveal who I am. I guess it might be some sort of mask that I unconsciously wear on my face. It's like... I know this is happening but every time I try to tear it from my face, it sticks on even harder than before. How can I ever remove it? Bit by bit I guess.

I always thought that humour brings people closer together. Hence I have all these retarded stuff coming out of me. Apparently it's not always the case. Hence, I'm at a lost of what to do. When this happens I may seem odd.

Just wanna let you all know that you're awesome and please do give me a chance to let me show you who I really am. You might ask "Why didn't I do this earlier?"
Well, it's a long story and I really wished that I could share it with you, but it's something that is hidden waaay down. I wish I could, really.

Who in the world likes being the "mean one" or the "lame one"?. It's meant to be a rhetorical question. No jokes with the first word of the paragraph please.

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