Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pro SNSD? Maybe....

I don't know how long it has been since I came back to update this. Recently lots of things have been going on, mostly O'Level preparations. This is the period where you can actually feel the heat and pressure building up, I guess. Boon Hui, if you're reading this you're right. It sometimes makes your life living hell. Anyway, Thanks to Beethoven, Mozart, other classical composers like Verdi and SNSD for making my days a little better. Speaking of SNSD, it's something that I really want to talk about.

We all have dreams of becoming a star at some point in our lives. To me, I always wondered that it must feel good to be a celebrity. You are popular, you mix around with beautiful people, you live in a posh apartment and do whatever you want to do, and you always look really happy. That's the image that we get from the TV. I must admit that it was only recently that I truly realised that it's not always as easy as it appears to be. I got many examples from Disney, and most of all, SNSD themselves. I'm just stating a few examples, because I have more knowledge about them.

Being a star is difficult. Why? The first reason is because they have to preserve their image. It's like "Atticus is the same man in the courtroom as he is on the streets" concept. Sometimes, these images that they show to the public are not their real personality and image. It's a tough thing to do, and breaking the image will have repercussions. Look at Vanessa Hudgens for example. I don't hate her, I think she's beautiful and sweet, but when some photos of her private life was leaked, it seriously threatened her career. I believe that it was not her fault, but this is what will happen if Atticus Finch becomes a different man at home.

Also, I believe that as long as you are a celebrity, You will have anti-fans. Dealing with them is a difficult thing to do, especially when you are dealing with boycotting from fans. Check this out.

Notice something strange here? The stadium is pitch-dark instead of the usual waving of light sticks. Here's why. ELF, the fanclub of Super Junior, Triple S, fanclub of SS501, Cassiopeia, fanclub of DBSK has decided to remain silent and switch off their light sticks to protest against SNSD because some of their fans started turning violent and tore the SUJU banner. I was really sad when I watched the video. Does SNSD deserve that sort of treatment? I believe that they want to give a good show to the audience, like everyone else there. Why must they suffer because of mistakes made by their fans, who did go overboard to show their love for them.

Besides that, there have also been an uproar about SNSD being disrespectful, especially Tiffany who apparently said something disrespectful to ShinHwa, who are now an established and respected group in the K-Pop industry. Well it's hard for you to believe me since I like SNSD alot, but I have to say that I believe she meant no harm and had no malicious intents. Because of cultural differences and age, certain mistakes can be accepted and forgiven. They haven't been into the industry for too long, give them time to learn, I guess. About bashing groups, it can't be helped but boycotting a performance is really going overboard. It's not fair to the artiste, and it certainly does not make the overall show look good. Don't blame the artistes for the mistakes of the fans.

Whoa.... this post is soon turning into a defense for SNSD, mostly because I like their music and the group, and I honestly did feel quite sad to see such things happening to them. To sin is human, to forgive is divine. I know disrespect is a huge sin, especially in the entertainment industry, but don't keep bashing a group because of some really old events. I don't think anyone will feel entertained if you just talk about the same old event that ruined a celebrity's image. If you don't even give them a chance to change, you will never know their true intentions.

Anyway, I'll say it out loud on my blog now.

SNSD Hwaiting! Haha

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