Saturday, May 16, 2009

This blog has gone stale. Sometimes I'm updating it just for the sake of updating it. It's not as if anyone reads it except myself who checks it almost every day because I have nothing better to do on my computer. I'm bored. Totally bored. There is nothing to do, nothing to be done, and no energy to do it with (MockingBird Flashback). Worse of all i just feel lousy. Lousy that I just screwed my Mid-years. Totally screwed it up. Procrastinating. I'm never going to do that again. I swear i'll get a heart attack if there is a repeat of this, but this term I just feel tired. Exhausted. Frustrated. Blah. Don't know what the hell happened to me. This wasn't what happened in Term 1. All that I worked for has seemed to go down the drain. A drain that leads to the big "Motivation Disposal Centre".

Hell, what's done cannot be undone. But where I've failed before, I'll succeed this time. There can't be anymore room for mistakes like this. All there is to do now is just think about how I can do better for my Prelims and eventually the Big O's.

Going back into procrastinating, it's something that makes my life living hell for the past 2 weeks. In fact I feel so burnt out right now my mind is a total blank. Even Kami No Shizuku, the drama which I've been saving up a long time for, doesn't interest me anymore. It was quite a disappointing show. I should have bought Beethoven Virus instead. Sigh...

What's next for me? June holidays use to catch up work, Lit seminar which I'll be presenting my very weird ideas in, mug, mug, and more mugging I guess. I just hope that I can be disciplined enough. It's what always kills me. This time it'll be different. Even if it means smashing my com with a bloody hammer. I'll do it.

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