Saturday, April 4, 2009

Somewhat Disturbed

Dad was nice enough to take me to watch "ShinJuku Incident" yesterday. I must admit that I'm still not quite used to seeing Jackie Chan doing drama, but nevertheless it was a quite a spectacular performance by Jackie Chan. It was also my first time seeing an NC-16 movie in the cinema, although I haven't turned 16 yet. I believe that the ratings nowadays are overrated, so thus I wasn't expecting much violence in this show. However at the end, it was more of the politics that shocked me, besides the violence in the show. There were certain parts in the movie that will cause complaints if it was released PG. There was this scene where Daniel Wu's face gets carved and his hand chopped off by the Yakuza and other scenes of violence which may stir the stomach of some people.

However, it's the betrayal, the ending and the politics involved that made the movie truly disturbing. Sometimes I wonder how these people sleep at night. Yakuza politics involves lots of chess pieces. The one who can play them well and not become one themselves becomes the true victor. I would reccommend this movie to those who wants to see a different side of Jackie Chan, him being the villian and all.

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