Friday, April 17, 2009

Curtain Call

Every day, people wake up in the morning and look into the mirror. As they look into the face staring right back at them, they see a face of weariness. In their eyes they see exhaustion and a lack of motivation, with the intention of barely scraping past each day.

However, that is not so for 40 boys today. When they wake up and look into their mirror, they see a face of determination, a face of hunger. In their eyes, there is only fire. Fire that represents desire, hunger, and passion. It is not a wildfire, but it burns brightly and strongly within them. For they wake up with only one thought in mind, and that is "We're gonna beat the crap out of RI. And those are not just words, we will do it. Doubt me? Look inside my eyes now. Look hard." These are some of the 40 members of the SJI Rugby team. Each and every one of them possess the determination and courage to face the game. Each of them brought their balls with them.

This was our last match. Our B'Divs were going to give our best, and nothing but the best. It had been a stalemate for majority of the first half, but a penalty gave us a lead of 3-0. It was a narrow lead. But the second half was one that we will never forget. The try scored by RI which allowed them a slight lead of 2 points, the disappointment of the crowd then. But it was not over. Another penalty put us bad in the lead by only 1 point. I believe that from that point onwards, SJI displayed the true spirit of rugby, stepped up and fought harder than before. Jamal's try and the conversion sealed the deal.

We were 3rd place. The same batch of players that gotten 6th place in the C Division Championships 2 years ago. It was a moment that we will never forget. Every one of us rushed to the field, with only the adrenaline of winning pumping our legs. It was our moment, our time. We made it, we stepped up, we sucked up the pain, and it's finally ours. Finally ours.

After almost 6 months of intensive training, with physical sessions that are bound to make you feel exhaustion like you have never felt before, with times where each and every one of us groaned in frustration and sometimes doubted our abilities. We sacrificed, we shed blood, shed tears, pulled muscles, popped shoulders throughout this season. We worked so hard, gave so much.

And yet, as the referee's final whistle blew, all of that transformed into tears of joy. Tears that we shed in recognition that our efforts have finally paid off. All those pain we have suffered and endured were replaced by the taste of victory. The sensation of defeating our arch-rivals and again rising up to the occasion. The Sec 4s shed tears as they know that that was the last chance that they were going to play together, to train together as a team.

The curtain has finally fallen. Our rugby season is over. Although we might not play together again, the spirit of the SJI Rugby Team and the B Division of 2009 will forever shine in our hearts. Each and every one of you who have walked with the team is special. Keep the flame alive boys. You have done the school proud and brought them glory.

Take a bow, and listen. Can you hear it? The cheers and the applause? Listen closely. Because that sound will always continue to ring and echo in your mind. Remember it, and remember it well. That, is the sound of victory, the sound is a testimonial of the spirit of the SJI Rugby Team.

Let it burn inside us, for this is a spirit fueled by passion and determination.

No Fear, No Pain, No Regrets.
Rock on B'Divs!

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